A Certain Kind of Longing by Roy Udeh-Ubaka – PART 2 – Audio Adult Story Romance Fiction

A Certain Kind of Longing is a love story that narrates two very different type of love or loving someone. The first is the intricacies of being a Gay man in a country where it is not readily accepted and loving someone who is still in the closet, while you yourself are not exactly out of the closet either. The second is being in an abusive relationship and making excuses for your abusive partner. The story is set in Lagos and filled with romance and drama. This is Part 2 of 3 –  You can listen to PART 1 here

A Certain Kind of Longing was written by Roy Udeh-Ubaka and originally published on Bakwa Magazine.

Riveting Stories contains content not suitable for listeners under 18.

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