My Lover’s Wife is a Freak – Adult Flash Fiction

James and I met at the local coffee shop and the chemistry was instantaneous. I was so engulfed in the book I was reading, I did not see him sit next to me and unknowingly, I grabbed his cup and took a sip. A male voice saying I would have to give him a kiss since I felt it was appropriate to sip from his cup, nudged me back to reality.

We laughed, talked and exchanged numbers and later that week we met for dinner. There was no doubt, James and I would fuck that night. It was written all over his face, and mine. Opting not to have desert because the desert I needed was in his pants, we left and went back to my place.
My door had barely swung open when he pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately, shoving his tongue in my mouth while exploring every nook and corner. Still in a state of delirium, I felt him slide his hands into my panties and his fingers followed, finding the core of my wetness. He played with my clit like an excellent marksman who had years of experience.

Without hesitating, I pulled off my dress while holding on to his lips with mine, sucking gently while his fingers found his way to my core, finger fucking me till I begged for his dick. I paused to feel the bulge in his pants and was very pleased to discover he was not lacking in length or girth.

Immediately, I pulled it out and began to massage the entire length of him, stroking gently with a tight grip. I wanted to please him as much as he was pleasing me. I looked him in the eye, licked my lips in a gesture to signal the pleasure I was about to bring.

Still holding his gaze, I dropped to my knees and took his dick in my mouth, licking the tip at intervals and sucking on it as fiercely as I could. I could see his eyes roll back in his head as I grabbed his balls and began to massage it gently. I watched him and he watched me as I sucked with the occasional smile on my face.

I could feel the rush of fluid racing through his big long dick but before I had the chance to suck it all out, he pulled me up abruptly, turned me around, and bent me over. I felt his huge dick slide into my wet pussy from behind and began to moan all sorts of expletives. It felt so good I, for one second, thought I was going to lose my mind.

“What the hell is going on here?” a voice shouted from behind us. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to lock the door. I jumped up and immediately grabbed the first thing I saw, my panties which covered absolutely nothing. In my nakedness, I stood there and watched as this lady began to scream at James.

Apparently, James was married and he had casually left that out of the conversation. I was livid, embarrassed and speechless. Then she turned to me.
Looking bewildered, I stood there knowing I either had to explain my way out of this or accept that I was about to get a beat down. As she moved closer towards me, I started to explain but before I could get the words out she grabbed me by my hair.

I closed my eyes, with my hands up to defend myself. She pulled me by my hair and asked in a sly and eerily calm voice if I wanted her husband. Before I could respond, she grabbed my breast with her free hand and started to suck on my nipples. Still in shock, I stood there as she made her way up to my lips.

Confusion set in as I began to wonder why my body was responding to her touch and why she tasted so good. I opened my mouth up and kissed her back, one hand finding its way into her pants. She was wet, so wet I felt myself getting wetter touching her.

James stood there watching us. He stood there and watched as his wife pushed me on the bed, tongue tracing every part of my body till she ended up at my v spot. Her ass in the air, she dipped her tongue in my pussy and began to gently suck up my wetness. I grabbed her up for a kiss and with a sinister look on her face, she went back down, sucking on my clit and playing with my nipples as I squirmed beneath her.

James moved closer, his dick as hard and erect as a watchman’s night stick. As he watched us and moved closer, my mind raced imagining what he was about to do. He grabbed his wife by her ass, dipping his dick in her pussy. With each dip, she would eat my pussy more vigorously, making me squirt and squirm.

He fucked her while she gave me the ultimate pleasure. As she came, she let out a loud moan while gently biting down on my clit. My pussy was throbbing with pleasure and I wanted more. I wanted a piece of what sent her over the cliff of pleasure.

She fell to my side, while James looked me in the eye, grabbed me and pulled me on top of him. I rode him while she sat on his face, his tongue fucking her hard while his dick annihilated my wetness. We fucked till his juices flowed all over us – till all our juices became one.

We lay there for a while and even though I enjoyed every second of it, I couldn’t help asking myself what the fuck just happened.