The Forbidden Office Affair – 18+ Erotic Adult Story

The Forbidden Office Affair - Erotic Adult Story - Riveting Stories 18+

Mark had never seen her before. A red headed voluptuous woman strolled into their office and plumped her ass down on the boss’s chair.  “Sweetness,” he whispered mentally, as if he was having a hot wet dream about caressing her long, slender legs. But, who was this woman? Was she a new employee? Surely, a new employee wouldn’t be so bold, that they would sit in the boss’s chair. Or maybe she did not know whose chair it was? Either way, Mark found her attractive and he could feel parts of his body responding to the sight of her. He knew he had to excuse himself before he lands in an embarrassing office situation.

He came back half an hour later to find that the meeting room was almost full. He took his seat but was weary that she didn’t even notice him. No one in the office ever did, sometimes he felt invisible and irrelevant. She got up from the seat and walked around observing everyone, offering an even nicer view of her long erotic legs.

While the other guys were busy with useless office chatter, Mark got up to introduce himself. He was the pariah of the company, relegated to spreadsheets, confined to the three walls of his cubicle and he was about to change that. Before he could make it across the room, his boss appeared.

Duke was the owner of the IT firm he worked for. He inherited it from his father. He was a wise business man who was equally as smooth with the ladies, so it came as a surprise when he introduced the mystery red head as his wife. Mark never knew Duke was married, he had a different girl in his office regularly and he never bothered to hide his sordid affairs with them.

Everybody called him “The Duke”. No one knew who came up with the nickname, they just embraced it. “Good morning, The Duke” or “Have a nice weekend in the Hamptons, The Duke.” Johnson, the overzealous head of IT, however, called him Mister Duke.

Because he was the boss, there was a lot of ass-kissing around him so no one dare gossip about his affairs. It was the unspoken truth around the office. Duke also had a bad temperament, he was the type of boss that would praise you one minute and almost have you in tears the next.

Duke made a gesture with both hands to shut everybody up so the meeting could start. The room went silent immediately. Through the silence, Mark caught a glimpse of Duke’s wife, who had shifted to the seat next to him, legs crossed, exposing a generous amount of thigh. He could feel the sudden surge of excitement between his legs. The boss’s wife emitted an animal magnetism, some strong force he just couldn’t resist.

Duke’s husky voice forced him back to reality. As usual, he talked about commitment, goals and being truthful with the ideals of the company. The meeting ended with Duke verbally lambasting a new guy who seemed to lack ambition. He then winked at Mark, which made him feel uncomfortable because he wasn’t sure if he has been caught staring at his wife. Nervously, Mark stumbled on his chair, got up and rushed to the exit.

“Oh Mark”, said Duke.

Mark stood frozen and then turned slowly.

“I’ll be needing the report ASAP”, the boss said with a sadistic look on his face.

“Great, this means I’ll be working late”, Mark thought as he headed to his cubicle.

“Ok the Duke, I’ll get on it right away” Mark replied as he bolted out of the door.

As he sat at his desk gazing his computer, he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He did not need to turn around to know who it was. Her scent filled the room like a bouquet of roses. He turned around, his heart skipping a beat and he looked up at her.

“You dropped this, Mark”, said the boss’s wife. Her red painted lips looked like a ripe strawberry waiting to be eaten. With each word, her sensual pout seemed more deliberate.

He reached over to take the pen.  Did she know his name? He wondered. Then something happened. Something unexpected. As his hand grazed hers while collecting his pen, their eyes locked, and for a second, he though he saw a burning desire in her eyes.  He shrugged it off as crazy.

“I’m Mark,” he said.

“What was he doing? Of course, she knows he is Mark” he thought

Sighting the embarrassment on his face, she smiled a shy yet captivating smile.

“I know, silly Billy”, she said. “I’m Gina”.

“Gina”, he repeated.

“I guess we’ll be working late, uh?”

Was he dreaming? Was this chick even real?

“See you soon, Mark”, she said cunningly.

He sat down in his cubicle biting his nail nervously, wondering what she meant by that. He decided to put all that energy into getting his report done once and for all. Minutes became hours and Mark, engulfed in his work, had lost track of time. He was exhausted but he knew he had to finish up before he could leave. He looked around and it seemed everyone had left for the day. He got up for a bathroom break and when he came back, he found a surprise waiting for him at his desk.

“Are you done, Mark?” Gina with her legs up on Mark’s desk, mumbled in a seductive voice.

“Almost,” Mark replied, trying to ignore the fact that his boss’s sexy wife was alone with him in the office with her legs up on his desk.

Before he had a chance to react further, she was standing in front of him, her breasts pushed up on his chest. Her breath, hot on his face. It all happened really fast. She pulled him closer, kissed him and began to undo his shirt.

“Do you really work here?”  he grunted, wondering what sort of question that was.

“Ssssh, just kiss me”, Gina said in a low tone.

“I saw how you were looking at me Mark,” she said as she traced his lips with her tongue.

“But, but, Duke…” he protested slightly as her lips continued to devour his.

He could feel his manhood rise to the occasion. This woman was too irresistible and he was ready to damn the consequences to have her.

Mark began to live out what felt like a real-life fantasy. He slowly undressed her, exposing her full supple breasts. Her nipples were hard and almost as fiery as her hair. He could not wait a second longer to take them in his mouth. He flicked and licked around her nipples gently, starting slowly and then hurriedly as the excitement began to consume him. He cupped her right breast in his hand as he licked and sucked on her left nipple.

Slowly his hand found his way down into her panties. He allowed one finger explore her core feeling her heat and lingering to play in her wetness. With each thrust of his finger, she let out a soft moan against his lips as she dug her nails into him.

With his free hand, he swiftly cleared his desk and propped her on there, before gently spreading her thighs. His mouth replaced his finger as he sucked up all her wetness, stopping only to perform a pulsing movement with his fingers on her clit. He then sucked up all the juices his actions caused. He could see her throw her head back as she grabbed a good chunk of his hair and pushed his head deeper into her wetness.

He began to bit softly on her clit, licking and sucking as he went along. She started to quiver and he knew she was almost there so he paused momentarily, he wanted her to feel the effects of bulge she had awoken in his pants. He wanted to cum with her.

He pulled her up and they began to kiss passionately once again. He could feel her heart pounding fast as he turned her around, pushing her gently against the wall after giving her a quick smack on her bum. He grabbed her by her neck, kissing his way down its curvature. Using one leg to part hers, knowing how well-endowed he is, he slowly drove his throbbing dick into her wet core. Mark, penetrated her deep, and with each thrust he went in deeper.

He heard her scream a soft scream and that excited him more. Bending her over slightly, his movements became rhythmic. Slow, then fast, his juices mixing with hers. His muscular arms rippling with each movement, sweat building all over his body.

As he fucked her harder, his finger massaged her clit sending her into deep throughs of passion, her body convulsing wildly. He felt her cum all over his dick and this sent him over the edge. He could his cum rushing thought his shaft and as fast as he could, he pulled out of her, squirting his man juices all over her supple breasts. She smiled sexily and licked her lips as he closed his eyes enjoying the effects of their passionate office.

When it was over, the both fell, sprawled on the office floor. A sound at the door quickly snapped them back to reality. Gina hurriedly grabbed her clothes and ran the other direction to the bathroom, while Mark pulled up his pants, wore his shirt and sat back in his seat as if nothing happened.

He peeked over his shoulder and saw the night janitor standing by the door. Had he seen them? Mark wondered. Well, he was about to find out tomorrow if he no longer had a job. Till then, all he wanted to do was take Gina and feel her softness once again, even if it meant losing his job.